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Possible Hypoglycema

I’ve been feeling dizzy or more like motion-sick more around mealtimes. It’s funny because I don’t usually eat lots of junkfood, but I do eat a lot of carbs. Also coffee – if I had two in a day, I feel really tired towards the end of the day.
So far I’m still surviving, but I will have myself checked up with a doctor. I guess I just need to drink tons of water to wash away all the junk I’ve been eating.

I also feel the urge to be more active. It could be the problem with my muscles starting to kick in – wherein the sugars aren’t being used up as much (due to a genetic defect where I have problem making muscles), and I may just need to work out more.

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Wursty Wursty with Friends

Eating lunch :)

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We ate at wursty last friday and it’s one of the places where food is abundantly served. We could have had beer but we didn’t because we were still going back to the office afterwards.

We devoured the sumptous double chicken order and had some lamb on the side. Their water is mixed with Lemon and this help flavor our tastebuds to the delicious food.

It’s a bargain to eat here instead of eating somewhere where we order per person because the food served is much larger. It’s around 300 pesos per person at Wursty, and the meal we ordered could actually serve about 4 people or 2 really hungry people.

The nice thing about the restaurant – located at Tuscany in Mckinley Hill, is the ambiance. You really feel like you’re eating in some kind of tavern really. If you ever try it out there, don’t order just for yourself. Order for everyone and enjoy the yummy feast!

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its a nice date at Fort BGC

One of the things I liked about BGC is that it is less populated than othe r areas. I liken it to the new “Eastwood” – back when it was still quite new and mostly young people went.

We explored the other end of BGC, basically where there will soon be new hotels maybe by 2015. In this area, we found there’s a bunch of restaurants, some are pretty much expensive, but found a somewhat affordable restaurant – it was called “Elias”. I believe Elias was one of the characters in our national hero’s book, Noli Me Tangere.

We ordered Adobo which was delicious and tasted just like home, and the nice thing is that they had both chicken and pork on the same dish.

Then we also ordered Pinakbet, one of my favorite dishes for being healthy and I really just like the taste.

Of course, we ordered rice on the side, we tried the regular pandan rice and also the garlic rice.

The food we ordered could have served 3 people, but since I was quite hungry, I was able to finish it all nonetheless.

We also checked out a new cinema venue, we have no idea what the name of this cinema is called, but they have a Store Specialists at the front of the building. We watched Lucy and found the movie to be quite an intellectual delight.

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Lunch at Dell’s Restaurant

Here in Mckinley Hill there are very few places where it is affordable for the office worker to eat. Dell’s is one of them – they serve great Filipino food at affordable budget’s.

For lunch the other day, I ordered the following:


Leche Flan


Mixed Gulay (vegetables)


Bangus (A type of fish)

The food is delicious and is pretty well-presented that I feel like I am already dining at a fine restaurant.

Dell’s is located at 2nd floor food court area, right near the bridge walk to Venice Piazza (that Italian-themed mall at the center of Mckinley Hill).


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Breakfast at Starbucks Greenbelt 1

One of my favorite places to hangout and meet Makati-based people is at Starbucks. I decided to grab some sort of healthy breakfast before going off to a seminar at AIM — just to prep me up for the day.

I decided to visit Greenbelt One’s Starbucks, which was open already. Starbucks offers a decent breakfast selection of gourmet sandwhiches. My favorite is the Grilled Ham and Three Cheese on Italian Country Bread.  It costs about Php 180.00 I think, but since I’m a cheese fan, so to me – it was well worth (and maybe more) its price.

Thumbs up to this combination.

Thumbs up to this combination.

To keep my diet healthy, I also paired it with a cocktail of fruits, which me cost about Php 95.00.

Total cost of eating ~= Php 275.00

Starbucks Greenbelt 1 is at the corner of Legazpi St. and Paseo De Roxas, across a Forty Winks store.

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DInner at Banana Leaf

Last saturday, we went and ate at banana leaf at Makati. It’s basically a  fusion between filipino food and thai cuisine.

The staff are friendly and nice, even though they had quite a lot of customers, they were still able to serve us within 15 minutes of taking our order.

We had delicious and nicely plated fried fish (I think it was actually tilapia, but I’m not sure) that we ordered.


The Fish Tilapia – Nice plating!

We also had the banana leaf styled Pad Thai which was basically a little bit better than your regular Pad Thai. I think I tasted some crispy pork skin and some soy jelly (if you know Taho ), and it was a little bit sweeter than your regular Pad Thai and I tasted some nuts in it


Yummy Banana Leaf Pad Thai

Banana Leaf is located along the 2nd floor of Greenbelt 3.

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Lunch at Basil Restaurant – White Plains

For my first post, let’s do a foodie.  We went to Basil this weekend, at a restaurant specializing in thai cuisine.

First we tried out their green mango salad. It was nice with some crispy fried fish breadings all around. It’s good for those health conscious, who don’t mind the taste of green mangoes, for me I enjoyed it. I totally loved how the crispy food helped balance the sour taste of  green mangoes.

green mango salad

green mango salad

The other dishes we tried were their authentic Pad Thai, which was worth its price and their Tom Yum soup, which we kindly asked to be mildly spicy. They served quite a lot.  It was delicious, not too sweet, not too bland either.

Pad thai

Basil Pad Thai

The Tom Yum soup we ordered wasn’t as spicy as in another Thai restaurant we tried, but it may be because we requested it to be mildly spicy. It still made my nose a little runny because of the spice.

tom yum

Tom Yum Soup

For my drinks, I ordered their iced tea, which tasted a bit like a milk-tea actually, making it well worth it. I usually don’t order drinks but I thought since I’m spending anyway, might as well enjoy it.

basil iced tea

Basil House Blend tea

We went to Basil before 1pm, their last order for lunch is usually before 1:30pm. They have a strict policy on this, I highly recommend calling them up first to confirm a slot.

How to Get to Basil

Basil is actually right at the very corner of Katipunan and White Plains Ave. , they don’t have a grand road sign, so drive slowly when you’re about to reach that very corner. For parking, there’s a very limited yet ample space for parking, so it’s a good idea to go early or be a bit late so you can park right in front. If it’s full, perhaps you can park at the Starbucks at the White Plains club house and take a 3-minute walk.

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