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DInner at Banana Leaf

Last saturday, we went and ate at banana leaf at Makati. It’s basically a  fusion between filipino food and thai cuisine.

The staff are friendly and nice, even though they had quite a lot of customers, they were still able to serve us within 15 minutes of taking our order.

We had delicious and nicely plated fried fish (I think it was actually tilapia, but I’m not sure) that we ordered.


The Fish Tilapia – Nice plating!

We also had the banana leaf styled Pad Thai which was basically a little bit better than your regular Pad Thai. I think I tasted some crispy pork skin and some soy jelly (if you know Taho ), and it was a little bit sweeter than your regular Pad Thai and I tasted some nuts in it


Yummy Banana Leaf Pad Thai

Banana Leaf is located along the 2nd floor of Greenbelt 3.

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