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Lunch at Basil Restaurant – White Plains

For my first post, let’s do a foodie.  We went to Basil this weekend, at a restaurant specializing in thai cuisine.

First we tried out their green mango salad. It was nice with some crispy fried fish breadings all around. It’s good for those health conscious, who don’t mind the taste of green mangoes, for me I enjoyed it. I totally loved how the crispy food helped balance the sour taste of  green mangoes.

green mango salad

green mango salad

The other dishes we tried were their authentic Pad Thai, which was worth its price and their Tom Yum soup, which we kindly asked to be mildly spicy. They served quite a lot.  It was delicious, not too sweet, not too bland either.

Pad thai

Basil Pad Thai

The Tom Yum soup we ordered wasn’t as spicy as in another Thai restaurant we tried, but it may be because we requested it to be mildly spicy. It still made my nose a little runny because of the spice.

tom yum

Tom Yum Soup

For my drinks, I ordered their iced tea, which tasted a bit like a milk-tea actually, making it well worth it. I usually don’t order drinks but I thought since I’m spending anyway, might as well enjoy it.

basil iced tea

Basil House Blend tea

We went to Basil before 1pm, their last order for lunch is usually before 1:30pm. They have a strict policy on this, I highly recommend calling them up first to confirm a slot.

How to Get to Basil

Basil is actually right at the very corner of Katipunan and White Plains Ave. , they don’t have a grand road sign, so drive slowly when you’re about to reach that very corner. For parking, there’s a very limited yet ample space for parking, so it’s a good idea to go early or be a bit late so you can park right in front. If it’s full, perhaps you can park at the Starbucks at the White Plains club house and take a 3-minute walk.

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