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its a nice date at Fort BGC

One of the things I liked about BGC is that it is less populated than othe r areas. I liken it to the new “Eastwood” – back when it was still quite new and mostly young people went.

We explored the other end of BGC, basically where there will soon be new hotels maybe by 2015. In this area, we found there’s a bunch of restaurants, some are pretty much expensive, but found a somewhat affordable restaurant – it was called “Elias”. I believe Elias was one of the characters in our national hero’s book, Noli Me Tangere.

We ordered Adobo which was delicious and tasted just like home, and the nice thing is that they had both chicken and pork on the same dish.

Then we also ordered Pinakbet, one of my favorite dishes for being healthy and I really just like the taste.

Of course, we ordered rice on the side, we tried the regular pandan rice and also the garlic rice.

The food we ordered could have served 3 people, but since I was quite hungry, I was able to finish it all nonetheless.

We also checked out a new cinema venue, we have no idea what the name of this cinema is called, but they have a Store Specialists at the front of the building. We watched Lucy and found the movie to be quite an intellectual delight.

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