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Wursty Wursty with Friends

Eating lunch :)

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We ate at wursty last friday and it’s one of the places where food is abundantly served. We could have had beer but we didn’t because we were still going back to the office afterwards.

We devoured the sumptous double chicken order and had some lamb on the side. Their water is mixed with Lemon and this help flavor our tastebuds to the delicious food.

It’s a bargain to eat here instead of eating somewhere where we order per person because the food served is much larger. It’s around 300 pesos per person at Wursty, and the meal we ordered could actually serve about 4 people or 2 really hungry people.

The nice thing about the restaurant – located at Tuscany in Mckinley Hill, is the ambiance. You really feel like you’re eating in some kind of tavern really. If you ever try it out there, don’t order just for yourself. Order for everyone and enjoy the yummy feast!

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